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Coffee - Dinocat Espresso

Tastes Like:
Grapefruit / Black Cherry / Canelé

Blend: 75% Natural Processed Brazil / 25% Washed Colombian

When you combine a woodcat and a dinosaur you get a Dinocat, our flagship espresso. This is our on-bar blend and it's become a meteoric hit with Regulars and baristas alike.

This espresso is easy to work with and pairs wonderfully with both milk and mylk, but still retains the characteristics of all that we love about Brazilian and Colombian coffees. You'll notice a nutty, chocolatey body balanced with bright cherry notes, easily sippable and playful just like the design of its label.

Suggested Specs: 19.5-20g in, 28-32g out, @ 25-28 seconds

5lb bags: 15% discount auto-applied at checkout

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