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Ps & Qs

Questions and Answers:

What's your shipping schedule?

Currently we ship all of our orders Tuesdays and Fridays on the days we roast our coffee. We are a very small business and don't yet have the demand or resources to ship orders every day. But we assure you it's worth the wait! Plus coffee needs post-roast nap time to de-gas anyway! Just know that we appreciate your patience and support so much.

Why do I see that a label has been created but no other tracking updates yet?
Once we pack your order & print the label, we drop your orders same day at usps/ups near our coffee roastery (Tues/Fri). From there it's in the shipping god's hands and sadly we have no control over the rest. Unfortunately with the de-funding of the usps, we have noticed a significant decline in timely & consistent deliveries. If it feels like your order has disappeared into the ether, please email us at and we'll see if we can't attempt some armchair sleuthery.

Do you accept returns or give refunds?
Being that we are such a small business, only in truly extenuating circumstances can we offer returns. We will have to charge a 3% restocking fee to offset the credit card fees that aren't given back to us once a customer requests a refund. It's good practice in general to think hard before you buy.

I tried calling your shops but the message didn't get relayed:
Our roaster is separate from our cafés so things can get lost along the barista telephone pipeline sometimes. We suggest you email us instead:

Why don't you offer gift cards?
This is a tough one! We did offer gift cards for many years, but we noticed that a lot of people weren't redeeming them, which essentially means that we don't benefit from that purchase. Basically, the gift card companies keep the money until the card is redeemed in store by the customer. So during the height of the pandemic, a lot of people generously purchased gift cards thinking they were helping small businesses, but they didn't (and maybe still don't) realize that unless the gift card is actually used, the small business they were trying to help gets nothing. It's pretty shady if you ask us. SO if you have a gift card floating around in your wallet or your email, TREAT IT LIKE CASH AND SPEND IT!!