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Woodcat Coffee is a neighborhood coffee shop & roaster located in Echo Park, Los Angeles. Woodcat was founded in 2014 by veteran coffee couple and hyper-locals, Saadat & Janine Awan who built everything in the shop on a shoestring budget with their own hands. In 2020, Woodcat began roasting and serving our own coffee in-house, and grew our family to include a second shop in Silver Lake Dinosaur Coffee.
Community is and has always been at the heart of what we do. Our hope is that both of our cafés bring people together and provide space for quality time through the daily ritual and mutual love of good coffee. The Awans have also lived just up the street from Woodcat for over 10 years; it doesn't get more local than that.
Our dedicated & friendly team of baristas look forward to serving you delicious drinks and pastries at both of our locations. Your support and your encouragement of our small local mom & pop business since 2014 has been so very appreciated.
In gratitude,
Saadat, Janine and Team Dinocat
The owners of woodcat coffee standing side by side laughing giddily in front of a yellow brick wall

Woodcat Coffee

1532 Sunset Blvd. Echo Park

Dinosaur Coffee
4334 Sunset Blvd. Silverlake

Why is your logo a rabbit? What even is a woodcat?
The word woodcat is actually a ye olden times nickname for a hare. No, it's not a cat made of wood, but a cat OF the woods. It's a long, personal story on how we came to decide on Woodcat as a name for our shop and one much easier to share in person. But the TLDR is that back when CDs were a thing and we first began dating, we found a cute song called Woodcat by a UK band Tunng about two lovers seeking out forever together as hares no matter the cost and it always stuck with us. Plus rabbits are tougher than they look!