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Coffee - Guatemala Santa Rosa (Natural)


Tastes Like: Plum / Nectarine / Berry Jam

Jammy through and through. From the moment you grind this coffee you know it’s going to be a fruit bomb. Careful attention is paid at the Ayarza Cherry Mill to dry this natural processed coffee evenly to avoid defects and create a consistent cup. Notes of dark chocolate help balance the sweet, fruity notes making it a pleasing morning cup...with a twist!

Producer: Various Small Holders

Region: Santa Rosa, Guatemala

Altitude: 1200-1900 masl

Process: Natural

Varieties: Yellow and Red Catuai, Pache Colis, and Red and Yellow Bourbon

  ***We are super excited to have this coffee back for a second year! Due to limited availability this coffee is being offered as an online exclusive and will be roasted to order. ***